We appreciate all the help our parents and carers give the children.

  • Help your child by hearing them read, and sharing books. All classes have books for parents to choose from to take home. There are books to share and enjoy, as well as books from the reading scheme which are pitched at the child’s level. The teacher will advise which level is best for your child.
  • What does your child enjoy? All teachers are interested to hear about this and will try hard to incorporate children’s interests and ideas into the classroom
  • Writing buddies – some classes have a cuddly toy which the children take turns to being home, and write about their adventures. Year 2 children will bring home a ‘writing box’ which contain fun resources to write about
  • WOW word days – the more words your child knows, and uses, the better. Sometimes we ask you to bring in a particularly interesting word to share
  • Number days – bring in your favourite number!

Here are some additional downloadable resources to support your child’s/children’s learning.

  • Polysyllabic Words – Useful for helping Year 1 & 2 read longer words, these can be read on the computer, or printed  off, cut out and made into flashcards
  • The Speedwell Reading Challenge – A Powerpoint Presentation aimed at helping you support your child’s progress in reading. (alternative pdf version can be downloaded here)