Gold Award

The Head Teacher’s ‘favourite time of the week!’

Every week 3 children are selected from each class who the teacher feels have achieved particularly highly. Each child receives a certificate at our special assembly, presented by another child.  All the children who receive an award are recorded in the Gold Award book.

Here are some examples of achievement we are proud of:

‘For fantastic writing about the Gingerbread man, using their phonics to help with spelling’.

‘Fantastic speaking and listening on our trip to White Post Farm and answering questions with detail’.

‘For always trying hard in everything he does’.

‘For a super attitude to learning’.

‘For working completely independently!’

Star Prize

The children look forward to Fridays when the Star Prize box comes around!

All children whose behaviour and attitude that week has been especially good receive a prize, and are written in the Star Prize book.

Attendance Awards

Attendance is really important at Speedwell School.

Children receive special badges and a special certificate at the end of every term:

Gold: 100% attendance Silver: 97% + attendance Bronze: 95% + attendance

Who will achieve 100% attendance all year?

Each week in each class all the children’s names who have had a full week at school are put into a hat and 2 children draw out a name each.  The children receive a small prize to take home.

Reading Challenge

Read 30 times at home with any grown up, or big brother or sister, and receive a prize! Children are photographed for our entrance hall display, and are recorded in the reading challenge book.

Gain a raffle ticket for every challenge; these get put in a draw for a big prize at the end of the year!