Summer 2017 Second Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Amazing Animals’

Communication, Language and Literacy
We will be finding out about different animals – pets, farm, sea, wild animals. Asking questions.
We will be talking about our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife park, what animals did we see? What was our favourite animal?
We will be listening and joining in with some of our favourite animal stories.

We will be counting, using numbers, recognising numerals and solving problems with animals in our play – how many sheep are in the field? How many sheep will there be if one runs away?
We will use the animals to find 1 more and 1 less in our play.
We will look at patterns on animals and use ICT to make our own.
We will order animals by weight and use vocabulary to say if they are heavy or light.
We will use positional language to say where animals are in our play.

Personal, Social and Emotional Developmentimage001
We will play together as part of a group, listening and responding to others.
We will visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and understand how to behave when we are out of school.
We will try to share and take turns in our play.
We will talk about how we feel about going up to Reception, what we are looking forward to doing in our new class.
We will take part in sports day and feel proud of our achievements.
Celebrating our time at nursery together at our Nursery picnic.

Understanding the World
We will talk about our trip, animals we saw, what we enjoyed.
We will look at the natural world and ask questions about animals and where they live – jungles, farms.
We will shows care for animals.
We will use of ICT to make animal patterns.
Gardening – planting vegetables potatoes, peas, cabbages, onions in our veg plot. Developing an understanding of growth and how we can look after the vegetables we have planted.

Expressive Arts and Design
We will explore using different media like painting, drawing and making collage pictures of animals.
We will explore how colours can be changed.
We will construct dens for animals.
We will print animal patterns, and describing textures.
We will use our imagination in role play.
We will sing familiar songs and make music using the musical instruments.

Physical Development
We will develop gross motor skills through Jungle journey. Moving our bodies in different ways, sliding, balancing, shuffling, hopping etc. Climbing, balancing, running, chasing in our outdoor area.
We will practise throwing and catching balls.
We will take part in Sports Day.
We will take part in box-modelling using simple tools.
We will explore using the dough and clay work.
We will use our pencils to correctly form letters.

We will listen to stories about animals with good attention, joining in with repeating parts to stories like Dear zoo, Walking through the jungle. Looking at books and pointing to words.
We will talk about characters in stories and where the stories are set.
We will draw, write and say what our marks mean.


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