Autumn 2018 First Half-Term

Topic – ‘Marvellous Me’

Overview of topic – This half term we will be welcoming our nursery children into nursery, meeting the staff and making new friends. We will be learning lots about ourselves, what our likes / dislikes are. How we grow and what our bodies can do. Communication and Language – focus We will be doing lots of talking about ourselves and what we like to do and play at nursery. We will use new words when talking with our friends about our experiences. We will share photographs and home learning with our friends about our families and where we live.

Physical Development – focus We will be trying hard to be independent around nursery, by helping to put our coats on and taking them off. We will try to use the toilet and wash our hands by ourselves. We will explore outdoors by running, jumping, climbing and moving in different ways.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – focus We will introduce the children to the areas of continuous provision and support the children to be independent at making choices of what they would like to play with. We will start to establish nursery routines and begin to make new relationships with others who have started nursery and the staff who help us.

Other learning – As part of our learning about ‘Marvellous Me’ we also be talking about our families and where we live. We will draw and paint pictures of ourselves, make models of houses. We will also talk about our outdoor area and look for signs of Autumn time and Harvest. The children will share the story of The Little Red Hen and join in with the story. We will also make bread as part of our harvest celebrations to share with our grown ups!

Things to do at home – At the start of every term we send home a mind map showing learning the children will take part in. We love to hear about what you have been doing with your children at home and welcome your child to bring in any learning / photographs that support our learning. Speaking and listening to your children is so important and our mind maps can be used to prompt discussions about what we have been doing at nursery this week. Singing and sharing stories together is also a valuable experience you can share with your child.





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