Summer 2018 First Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Kings & Queens’

Communication, Language and Literacy
Produce mind map using photographs, objects and pictures. Use new words from learning about Kings and Queens. 
Talking in sentences to their friends, listening to others when they are talking.
Listening to stories about kings, queens and knights and talk about events, characters, settings.
Asking questions about the mysterious egg we will find in our garden. What is it? Where has it come from?

Supporting the children to use numbers, counting, shapes during their play.
Count how many jewels they will need for their crown.
Looking at solid shapes when building castles.
Measuring flags for the castle, long or short.
Ordering numbers and recognising 1-10, finding 1 more, 1 less.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Welcome the children back to Nursery and settle back into daily routine.
Encourage the children to be independent at choosing and using resources.
Working together, sharing resources and taking turns with others.
Being a good friend.

Understanding the World
Helping to improve the outside area. Digging, planting vegetables for our vegetable patch. Watering to help grow. Talking about the changes they see in the garden and why.
Look at how Kings and Queens lived long ago and compare to our Queen today. Using the computer to find information about our Queen.

Expressive Arts and Design
Using our imagination to make up stories in our castle play. Making model castles with bricks, junk boxes. Drawing, painting pictures of the Queen / dragons.
Making collage clothes for kings and queens. Making model castles.


Holding our pencil correctly.
Drawing lines and circles with control when mark making.
Writing our name.
Using scissors to make crowns, shields and tabards.
Constructing castles.
Write Dance.

Jungle Journey every Monday in the hall. Taking shoes and socks off independently.

Reading, listening to stories about Kings and Queens. Describing story settings and how the story might end.
Talk for writing of George and the dragon, making story maps.
Writing invitations for the King and Queen tea party at the end of the term.

Learning new songs and singing with others. Making sounds with instruments.
Listening to royal music, how does it make us feel? Want to dance?
Interactive music, developing listening skills. Loud and quiet.

Being Independent
Putting our coats on and taking them off. Hanging on the correct peg.
Taking our shoes and socks on and off for hall time or when putting wellingtons on for gardening.
Going to the toilet when we need to and remembering to wash our hands before and after our snack.




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