Autumn 2017 First Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Marvellous Me’

image001Communication, Language and Literacy
Talking about what we will be learning about – Ourselves, our family and friends. Our likes and dislikes.
Asking questions to find out more about our learning.
Learning and using new words in our learning.
Joining in with stories and rhymes.
Talk for writing – The little Red Hen.

Using numbers and number language in our play.
Reciting numbers to 10.
Counting out objects 1 to 1.
Recognising and talking about shapes and patterns in the environment.
Using size language. Comparing heights.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Settling in to nursery, happy for adult to leave.
Meeting new friends and building relationships.
Sharing and taking turns in our play.
Becoming independent at making choices around nursery.
Understanding nursery rules and routines.

Understanding the World
Talking about our friends and families and experiences we enjoy.
Making bread and talking about what happens.
Shows care for our friends in nursery.
Use of ICT to take photographs of our friends in nursery and activities we like to do.
Gardening – planting vegetables potatoes, peas, cabbages, onions in our vegetable plot. Developing an understanding of growth and how we can look after the vegetables we have planted.

Expressive Arts and Design
Painting, drawing and making collage pictures of ourselves.
Exploring different media and choosing resources they would like to use.
Using our imagination in role play – home corner and hairdressers.
Singing familiar songs.
Exploring different musical instruments and the sounds they make.

Physical Development
Developing gross motor skills through Jungle journey. Moving our bodies in different ways, running, jumping.
Becoming independent at taking our shoes and socks on and off.
Putting our coats on independently.
Throwing and catching balls.
Starting to write our name and holding our pencil correctly.
Using mark making tools to draw circles and lines.
Climbing, balancing, running, chasing in our outdoor area.

Joining in with repeating parts to stories – Little red hen.
Looking at books, holding carefully and turning pages.
Drawing, writing and saying what our marks mean.
Listen for sounds and distinguish different sounds they can hear.
Recognise our name cards.
Have a go at writing over, copying or independently writing their name.


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