Reception/Year 1

Class Teacher –  Miss Smith

Autumn 2018 First Half-Term

This term’s topic is ‘Marvellous Me’

Overview of topic – We will be learning about Ourselves and where we live.

Literacy focus– This term we will be reading topic linked stories including the Funny Bones books. In writing we will be focussing on the correct formation of letters and learning to use our phonics to help us read and write simple words.
We will be practicing saying sentences and then writing then having a go at writing them. We will focus on capital letters, full stops and leaving spaces between words.

Maths focus – We will be completing lots of number ordering activities and counting on and back using number lines.
We will spend time playing number games and singing counting songs.
We will be learning about shapes and measuring using parts of the body and simple measuring devices.
We will also complete addition and Subtraction problems and simple activities using money.

Science focus – In science we will be learning about how humans grow and keep healthy. We will be earning about the body and our senses.
We will also be designing and making healthy snacks.
Throughout the year we will be studying the weather and the changes of the seasons.

Other learning – In Geography we will be learning about the local area where we live, learning about the British Isles and locating them on a map.
Looking at the area around school and how it could be improved.
In Art we will be learning drawing skills using lots of different kinds of drawing tools. Studying famous self-portraits and creating our own.
Completing craft activities linked to our learning, such as making skeletons.
We will be singing lots of songs linked to our topics and will be getting ready for Harvest festival.

Things to do at home– This half term, we would like you to practise any key words the children bring home and remember to share the children’s reading books with them.
For maths, practise counting forwards and backwards to at least 10 and making sure the children can recognise the numbers to 10.


Other Information
Please listen to your child read at home everyday, it has such an impact on their progress and also helps towards their reading challenge! Please help your Year 1 child to recognise numbers up to and beyond 100. They also need to read and write number names to 20. With reception children, practice writing their 1st and last name using correct letter formation. Also help them to learn number bonds to 10 and read and write numbers to 20. We will sometimes have a chocolate button challenge on Fridays and your child will have a small task to practice during the week before.

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