Reception/Year 1

Class Teacher – Mrs Adam & Miss Clark
Dear Parents/Carers, This information gives a brief idea of the things we will be learning about in the coming half term. More detailed information can be found in our planning on the Parents’ Information wall in the classroom. If you need any further information please feel free to call in and see us. Thank-you for your continued support.

Autumn 2017 Second Half-Term

This term’s topic is ‘Popular Culture’

This term we will be continuing to focus on the correct formation of letters to help with the fluency of the children’s writing later in the year. We will be concentrating on being able to use our keywords in sentences. We will also be working hard to sound out words in order to write our words.

We will be learning to recognise our numicon tiles. We will be learning to add numbers together by counting on using objects. We will also be doing lots of subtraction. It would be really helpful if you could do lots of counting, both forwards and backwards to help children with their mathematical skills.

We are thinking about Light and Dark. We are identifying different sources of light. We will be doing lots of exciting experiments.

We will be observing old toys and comparing how their toys have changed from when they were babies and toddlers to now and how their parents’ toys differed to their own.

We will be using the computer to type their own sentences and paint their own pictures. E-safety will continue to be taught.

P.E. – For safety reasons please ensure children remember their PE kit and that any earrings are removed for PE.
Games – We will be practicing ball skills including throwing/catching/defence and attack games.
Gymnastics – We will be travelling in different ways on our feet, balancing and sequencing movements.
Dance- We will be copying and creating sequences to represent moods and feelings.

Music – We will be singing lots of songs about toys in different ways to express different moods. We will listen to music and discuss if we like them. We will be performing in a Christmas show.

Art & DT
This half term we will be focussing on painting skills including using different thicknesses of paint brushes. We will observe works of art showing fireworks, dinosaurs and toys and discuss the techniques used and the primary and secondary colours. We will then try to produce our own paintings.

R.E. – We will discuss the stories of creation.

P.S.H.E. – We will be discussing how to keep safe. This includes medicine, keeping healthy and stranger danger as well as e-safety. This half term we will also be thinking about what it means to be a good friend during Anti Bullying Week.

Learning at Home
Keep reading and writing your keywords. Use your sounds to write a list of what you would like for Christmas. Do lots of counting, forwards and backwards.

Other Information
Resources in school get a lot of use and we regularly need to replace items due to wear and tear. We are always looking for anything we can use in class including, but not limited to, things like notebooks, old diaries, colouring books, dot to dot books, pencils, crayons, pegs, scrap fabrics, non-fiction books, bath/water & sand toys, pipes, funnels, tubes, cable ties, old pots and pans, dressing up clothes. In fact anything you no longer need that we might be able to make something out of !
Children will read with an adult daily so they need to bring their book bag and reading record each day. They also need to keep a PE kit in school; an old T shirt and shorts and a pair of pumps or trainers is fine. PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays so please remove earrings on these days.

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