Class Teacher – Mrs Cowell

Summer 2017 Second Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Amazing Animals
Continuous Provision/Opportunities for Independent Learning
The focus in Reception is on supporting the children in using the Continuous Provision Areas to enhance their learning. The children will be supported by the Reception Class Team – Mrs. Cowell, Miss Newton, Mrs.Plevey and Mrs. Carter in using the Continuous Provision Areas both indoors and outdoors including Wet Sand, Dry Sand, Water, Playdough. Role Play, Art and Design Area, Construction,  Block Area, Small World etc.

Topic – Our topic this half term is Amazing Animals where we will be finding out about animals – Jungle Animals, Farm Animals, Pets, Nocturnal Animals, Minibeasts etc.  The Stimulus for our topic will be our Jungle Role Play Area, our visit to Whitepost Farm and our Minibeast Investigation

Role Play Area – Stories and Rhymes and Factual books about animals.

Communication, Language and Literacy
Through Role Play in the Jungle Role Play Area/Visit to Whitepost Farm children will be able to use language to talk about and describe animals.


Rumble in the Jungle/Walking through the Jungle
Hairy Maclairy
I Love Animals
Owl Babies
Incey Wincey Spider/Mad About Minibeasts
Art Week-Spot a Dog/Spot a Cat



image003Role play being a Jungle Explorer in Jungle Role Play Area, Role play being a Vet-fill in Animal’s Details form.
Make a story map about visit to Whitepost Farm.
Write information about owls.
Make up a new adventure for Incey Wincey Spider

Children will be involved in a variety of mathematical activities which will give the opportunities to;
Count reliably with numbers 1 to 20 and place them in order.
Select the correct numeral to represent groups of objects.
Estimates how many objects they can see and check by counting.
Beginning to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.
Use positional language.  Use everyday language related to time.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Hopes and Dreams.  Who can help me and where can I get help?
Personal Safety

Understanding the World
People and Communities – Explore through Role Play Activities e.g.
Jungle Explorer, Vet, Farmer, Palaeontologist, Bug Researcher.

The World – Using Maps, What do Pets need, Farm Animals, Nocturnal Animals, Dinosaurs, Minibeasts

Use digital camera to :-
Take photos of animals in Jungle Role Play.
Take photos of animals at Whitepost Farm.
Click and drag to complete dinosaur jigsaw, sort minibeasts and match pets to their home.

What is Special about our World
Christian creation stories
Stories from other faiths about animals

Expressive Arts and Design
Use imagination in Role Play Activities.  Use materials  to collage pictures of animals.
Design and make a minibeast using a variety of materials.
Experiment with a variety of Art techniques during Art Week
Sing songs about animals.

Physical Development
Developing Games skills .
Gymnastics – Linking Movements/sequences
Dance – Experimenting with different ways of moving.
Using pencils to correctly form letters.  Playdough.
Using scissors/tools/construction kits when designing and making.


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