Class Teacher – Mrs Cowell

Autumn 2017 First Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Fruitastic/Ourselves

Continuous Provision/Opportunities for Independent Learning
During Weeks 1 and 2 the focus will be on helping the children to learn to use the Continuous Provision Areas to enhance their learning . The children will be supported  by the Reception Class Team-Mrs. Cowell , Miss Newton,  and Mrs. Plevey in using the Continuous Provision Areas, both indoors and outdoors, including Wet Sand, Play dough, Water, Role Play, Dry Sand, Small World, Construction, Block Area, Investigation Area, Art and Design Area etc.

Look out for the Continuous Provision Plans in all of these areas.

Communication, Language and Literacy
Through Role Play in the Health Centre use language related to health .

At School (Growing Up)
Oxford Reading Tree Big Books (My Family)
My Day
How Do I Feel (My Feelings)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar(Fruit/Being Healthy)
The Little Red Hen (Harvest Festival)

Role play being o Doctor/Patient in Medical Centre Role Play Area
Role play being a Receptionist-fill in Patient’s Details form.
Make a story map of their day.
Write captions to match photos showing their feelings.
Make a Story Map about The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Use puppets to retell the story of The Little Red Hen

Say and use the number names to 10, describe and name shapes, compare 2 lengths/different amounts, count up to 10 items, order events,use words to do with time.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Who helps us at school?  Our School/Class rules.  Our Friends

Understanding the World
People and Communities – Explore through Role Play Activities in Health Centre -Doctor, Receptionist. Chemist
My Family
The World –  How have we changed from when we were babies?
Technology – Use digital camera to :-
Take photos of daily school routines
Take photos of facial expressions showing different emotions.
Explore technology used in Health Centre through Role Play
Click and drag to sort food that is good/bad for teeth..
R.E.- Harvest Festivals

Expressive Arts and Design
Use imagination in Role Play Activities.
Experiment with a variety of mark makers to draw a self portrait, a family portrait, faces showing different emotions, fruit.

Physical Development
Gymnastiimage005cs – Sense of Space using Parachute.
Games – Throwing/catching skills. Ball control using hands/feet.
Dance – Experiment moving in different ways by travelling using space and changing shape.
Using pencils to correctly form letters.
Using scissors/tools/construction kits when designing and making.
Using play dough – squeeze, poke, shape, mould, manipulate, roll, squash


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