Class Teacher – Mrs Cowell

Summer 2018 First Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Castles Dragons & Fairytales’
Continuous Provision/Opportunities for Independent Learning
The focus in Reception is on supporting the children in using the Continuous Provision Areas to enhance their learning . The children will be supported by the Reception Class Team-Mrs. Cowell , Miss Newton and Mrs. Plevey in using the Continuous Provision Areas, both indoors and outdoors, including Wet Sand, Play dough, Water, Role Play, Dry Sand, Small World, Construction, Block Area, Investigation Area, Art and Design Area etc. Enhancements will be added to the areas of Continuous Provision to develop children’s skills/learning in all curriculum areas.

Look out for the Continuous Provision Plans which are in all of these areas.

Our Topic this term is Castles, Dragons and Fairytales, where we will be finding out about Castles, why they were built,the different parts of a castle who lived in them etc. The stimulus for our topic will be our Castle Role Play Area, A visit to Bolsover Castle Traditional Tales about Castles/ Kings/Queens/Prince/ Prnicesses and the Story of George and the Dragon.

Role Play Area
Puss in Boots
George and the Dragon
Sleeping Beauty
The Frog Prince
Beauty and the Beast

Communication, Language and Literacy
Through their Role Play as Kings and Queens the children will be able to use language to talk about and describe the life styles of Kings ,Queens and Knights e.g banquets,feasts,battles etc and also different parts of the castle.

Puss in Boots
George and the Dragon
Sleeping Beauty
The Frog Prince
Beauty and the Beast

Role play being o King/Queen/Prince/PrincessKnight.
Make a story map to retell the story of The Princess and the Frog.
Write labels to match the different parts of a Castle e.g drawbridge, ramparts etc.
Make a Wanted Poster for a Dragon
Write a wish for the baby Princess in Sleeping Beauty

Children will be involved in a variety of Mathematical activities which will give them opportunities to;-Count reliably with numbers from 1 to 20.and place them in order Recognise numerals. Use quantities and objects to add numbers and count on to find the answer. Recognise,create and describe patterns .Use everyday language to talk about size,weight ,capacity,money and to compare quantities and objects. Begin to identify own mathematical problems.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We will look at the theme of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind focusing on the different ways children can take care of themselves through healthy eating and personal hygiene.

Understanding the World
The World – Materials , Children will be able to explore different materials in our Investigation Area tuff spot, where they will be able to investigate materials and group them according to different criteria including natural/manmade, heavy/light. rough /smooth, plastic/metal / wood.
Technology – Use a paint program to draw a dragon, a frog and a beast, Use the Cbeebies website to engage in activities linked to our Castle, Dragons and Fairytales topic e.g Mike the Knight.
R.E.– Being Special – Where do We Belong? What makes us special ? How did Jesus show that children were special to him? What happens at a Christian Baptism? How do other Religions show that people are special? Focus on the Hindu celebration of Rackshan Bandhan.

Expressive Arts and Design
The children will be using their imagination in Role Play Activities.
Collage- Using different textiles/ materials to collage a castle, a dragon, a frog and a beast.

Physical Development
Gymnastics – the children will be using stretches, shapes and balances to make simple sequences,
Games – the children will be learning and practicing different bat and ball skills.
Other physical skills will be taught through:- Using pencils to correctly form letters. Using scissors/tools to make changes to materials in Art and Design activities .Using play dough on the Play Dough table – to squeeze, poke, shape, mould, manipulate, roll, squash.


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