Class Teacher – Mrs Cowell

Autumn  2018 First Half-Term

Topic – ‘Marvellous Me’

Overview of topic – Finding out about ourselves. How have we changed since we were babies? How do we keep healthy? Who is in my family? How do I show my feelings? What are the different parts of my body called and how does it work? What do I want to do when I grow up?

Literacy focus
Books At School (Growing Up)
Oxford Reading Tree Big Books (My Family)
How do I Feel?(My feelings)
My Day, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Fruit,Being Healthy)
The Little Red Hen (Harvest Festival)
Non Fiction books about different jobs

Maths focus – Say and use the number names to 10,describe and name shapes,compare 2 lengths/different amounts,count up to 10 items, order events, use words to do with time

Understanding The World – How have we changed from when we were babies?

R.E.  – Which people are special and why?

Other learning
Communication and Language – Through Role Play in the Health Clinic Role Play Area taking on the roles of Doctor, Nurse, Patient, Receptionist using medical language and the correct terms for body parts.

Art and Design – Experiment with a variety of mark makers to draw a self portrait, a family portrait, faces showing different emotions and fruit.

PSED – Being Healthy, Body Bits, Keeping Clean, Enjoy Eating, How do I Work? Keeping Well.

Physical Development – Gymnastics-Sense of Sapce using the Parachute
Games- Throwing/catching skills. Ball control using hands/feet
Dance- Experiment moving in different waysby travelling using space and changing shape.

Things to do at home – Find a photo of yourself when you were a baby so we can see how you have changed.
Draw a picture of your favourite meal.
Draw a picture of your family and write on their names.



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