Class Teacher – Mrs Cowell

Autumn 2017 Second Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Popular Culture/Forces and Motion’
image005Continuous Provision/Opportunities for Independent Learning
The focus in Reception is on supporting the children in using the Continuous Provision Areas to enhance their learning. The children will be supported  by the Reception Class Team-Mrs. Cowell , Miss Newton, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Plevey in using the Continuous Provision Areas, both indoors and outdoors, including Wet Sand, Play dough, Water, Role Play, Dry Sand, Small World, Construction, Block Area, Investigation Area, Art and Design Area etc. Enhancements will be added to the areas of Continuous Provision to develop children’s skills/learning in all curriculum areas and to increase their independent learning skills..

Look out for the Continuous Provision Plans which are in all of these areas.

Our Topic this term is Popular Culture using the children’s favourite characters as a stimulus e.g Fireman Sam, Peppa Pig etc
Role Play Area
Our Role Play Area is a Fancy Dress Shop where children can dress up as their favourite characters.

Communication, Language and Literacy
Through Role Play in the Fancy Dress Shop use language of shop assistant, customer, answer phone, take orders for costumes.

Fire fighters- Non- Fiction (Bonfire Night /Fireman Sam)image001
Each, Peach, Pear. Plum ( Nursery Rhyme Characters/ Fancy Dress)
I Went to Visit  a Friend (Anti Bullying/Friendship Week)
Ten in the Bed (My Favourite Toys)
Suddenly (Popular Culture- Peppa Pig)
How to Make A Puppet ( Visit from Puppet Show)

Role play being a Customer in Fancy Dress Shop.
Role play being a Shop Assistant-fill in Customer’s order form.
Hot Seat Activity. Take on role of Nursery Rhyme/Fairytale character and respond to questions from other children.
Make a story map about I Went to Visit a Friend One Day.
Write labels to match pictures of their favourite toy.
Make labels to describe the wolf in the story Suddenly.
Make puppets and use to make a puppet show.

Recites numbers in order to 10, describe and name shapes, use shapes to build models and make patterns, count up to 10 items,  order events, use words to do with time ,size, weight, capacity.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Out and About – Exploring Personal Safety including E-Safety, Anti –Bullying.

Understanding the World
People and Communities – Explore through Role Play Activities in Fancy Dress Shop- image003Shop Assistant, Customer.
Anti Bullying Week-its ok to be different.
The World – Light and Sound – activities in our Investigation Area Tough Spot will focus on Light and Colour with mirrors to look at reflection, colour paddles to make different colours, colour charts to find items to match shades of colour.
Technology – Use digital camera to :-
Take photos of each other dressed in fancy dress costumes
Explore technology used in Fancy Dress Shop through Role Play
Click and drag to dress manikin in Fancy Dress outfits.
On Line Safety/Cyber Bullying
R.E. – What stories are special and why? Explore favourite stories, Bible Stories and stories from different faiths/cultures.

Expressive Arts and Design
Use imagination in Role Play Activities.
Painting- paint favourite characters, their friend,
Design and make puppets.  Use a paint program (Dazzle) on computer to make a Firework picture.

Physical Development
image007Gymnastics – Sense of Space using Parachute.  Balancing using large Apparatus
Games – Throwing/catching skills. Ball control using hands/feet.
Dance – Circle Dances.  Class Friendship Dance
Using pencils to correctly form letters.
Using scissors/tools/construction kits when designing and making.
Using play dough – squeeze, poke, shape, mould, manipulate, roll, squash


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