Class Teacher – Mrs Cowell

Spring 2018 First Half-Term

Area of interest – ‘Once Upon a Time (Stories)/Pushes and Pulls (Forces)’
image005Continuous Provision/Opportunities for Independent Learning
The focus in Reception is on supporting the children in using the Continuous Provision Areas to enhance their learning . The children will be supported by the Reception Class Team-Mrs. Cowell , Miss Newton and Mrs. Plevey in using the Continuous Provision Areas, both indoors and outdoors, including Wet Sand, Play dough, Water, Role Play, Dry Sand, Small World, Construction, Block Area, Investigation Area, Art and Design Area etc. Enhancements will be added to the areas of Continuous Provision to develop children’s skills/learning in all curriculum areas.

Look out for the Continuous Provision Plans which are in all of these areas.

Our Topiimage001c this term is Once Upon a Time using Traditional Tales/Fairy Tales as a stimulus e.g Cinderella, Chicken Licken etc
Role Play Area
Our Role Play Area is Prince Charming’s  Castle where children can dress up as Fairytale  characters and act out the stories.

Communication, Language and Literacy
Family Reading Morning January 26thAll parents /carers welcome to share books with your child.
Through Role Play in Prince Charming’s Castle use the language of Fairytales and act out/re tell the stories.

Jack and the Beanstalk
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Chicken Licken
The Gingerbread Man
Story of the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac (Linked to Chinese New Year)

Role play being a Fairy tale character in Prince Charming’s Castle.
Role play being a Prince-write an invitation to the Prince’s Ball..
Make a story map to retell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Write labels to match the different parts of a Gingerbread man..
Make labels to match the animals in the story Chicken  Licken.

Recite and read number names. Place numbers in order. Find the total number of items in 2 groups. Begin to use mathematical names for 2D/3D shapes. Use common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models .Use the language of more/fewer.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
My World We will look at the world of work focussing on different jobs and why we need to work. There will also be a big emphasis on Internet Safety. On January 11th the Stavely Junior Pupils will present a Safer Internet Assembly and undertake a survey with the children.
Safer Internet Day is February 6th  where the children will be undertaking activities to raise their awareness of why they need to stay safe on the Internet and how they can do this.

image007Understanding the World
People and Communities – Explore through Role Play Activities in Prince Charming’s Castle-who might live in a castle? What does a King/Queen do?
Other cultures- in Week 7 we will be finding out about the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year, making dragon masks and tasting Chinese food.
The World-  Pushes and Pulls- Forces,  Children will be able to explore forces using magnets and magnetic and non magnetic objects in our Investigation area.
Technology- Use a paint program to draw a beanstalk, type an invite to the ball. Talk about their favourite websites and find out about how to keep safe on the internet during our Internet  Safety Day.
R.E. – Special Places – which places are special to themselves and others and why? Which special places are important to different faiths and why and when do they use them?

Expressive Arts and Design
Textiles -use different materials to make a ball gown for Cinderella, a gingerbread man, a beanstalk and a Chinese dragon mask.

Physical Development
Starting on  January 11th the children will take part in Tag Rugby sessions weekly led by Rugby Coaches.
All children will take part in Write Dance sessions weekly led by Mrs, Plevey.
Gymnastics – Travelling on, over and through apparatus,
Balance Bikes sessions will take place on January 23rd and January 29th.
Games – Throwing/catching skills.
Using pencils to correctly form letters.
Using scissors/tools to make changes to materials in Art and Design activities..
Using play dough on Play dough table-squeeze, poke, shape, mould, manipulate, roll, squash


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