Year 1/Year 2

Class Teacher – Mrs Craggs
Dear Parents/Carers
This information outlines the teaching and learning to be covered over the half-term. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued help and support.

Spring 2018 First Half-Term

This term’s topic is called ‘Once Upon a Time’

This term we will be reading lots of traditional tales such as ‘The Three Pigs’ and discussing their characteristics. We will be orally practicing composing sentences in order to sequence thoughts into a story. We will be continuing to learn when to use which digraphs to represent the correct sound and introducing more suffixes and prefixes such as -ed. We will be starting to join our letters.

We will be reinforcing our knowledge of counting, recognising, writing and ordering numbers to a hundred. We will be adding and subtracting two digit and one digit numbers and three one digit numbers. We will be learning how to tell the time, reading from clocks at half past and on the hour. We will be comparing the lengths and heights of objects and using the appropriate language such as quicker, faster, earlier and before.

We will be using scientific investigative skills learning about materials and seasonal changes. This involves using our senses to identify and name materials and to describe their uses. We will continue to keep a weather chart to observe and record weather changes and to predict future weather..

We will be introduced to stories and songs from the past and we’ll discuss how these have been passed on to each generation.

We will be focusing on e-safety this term. We will send emails to another class. We will be taking photographs and recording sounds using a variety of media.

For safety reasons please ensure children remember their PE kit and that any earrings are removed for PE.
Games – We will be practicing ball skills including throwing/catching/defence and attack games.
Gymnastics – We will be travelling in different ways on our feet, balancing and sequencing movements.
Dance – We will be copying and creating sequences to represent moods and feelings.

We will be singing lots of songs about traditional stories such as ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?’ We will listen to different styles of music and discuss their musical elements and if we like them.

This half term we will be focussing on textiles. We will sort thread according to colour, texture and pattern and then learn how to weave with them. We will observe works of art showing different textiles including a patchwork quilt and then use our new skills to make Grandma’s quilt.

We will be making moving products using methods such as levers, wheels and pop ups.

We will discuss people of influence in different religions.

We will be discussing ‘My World’ which involves my family tree, where I live and how I affect it as well as the rules that I need to follow to be a good citizen.

Learning at Home
This half term we would like you to share as many different traditional stories as possible with your child and assist them in putting on plays or writing their own versions. Numeracy games will help your child to recall number bonds and think in a mathematical way. Please discuss e-safety with your child.

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