Year 2

Class Teachers – Miss Clark & Miss Tiplady
Dear Parents/Carers
This information outlines the teaching and learning to be covered over the half-term. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued help and support.

Autumn 2017 First Half-Term

This term’s topic is called ‘Marvellous Me’

image003Some of the activities for this half-term.

Literacy (Taught through History)
Letters and sounds Phase & 6.
Use non-fiction books/power points to find out about the Great Fire of London.  Write explanation texts/information pages about this event. Write a glossary of definitions relating to historical objects of the time. (Talk for writing).
Write a diary in role as Samuel Pepys.
Write instructions for a healthy snack that has been made in D&T/ cooking sessions.

In explanations use words and phrases to describe the past.
Read Oliver’s Vegetables.  Recap story, re-order and write sentences.  Ask Oliver questions and improve dialogue.
Look at examples of list poems based on food.

Number and place value.
Addition and subtraction
C.C Links – Read thermometers and look at weather temperatures in geography.
Programme Bee Bot to make right angle turns.

Science - Human & Other Animals – Life Processes  
Children will find out how their bodies change and how they need to keep their body healthy by having a healthy diet, looking after their teeth, having a healthy heart.
Children will find out about why exercise, a balanced diet and hygiene are important for humans. They will organise foods into different groups using tables and charts.   They will list foods that they should eat to help keep their body healthy. Children will discuss with the class what might happen if they did not eat the right kinds of foods.

(Links to numeracy/ICT sorting information and links to PSHE developing a healthy lifestyle).

Children will programme Bee Bot and predict where it will stop.
They will programme Bee Bot to make right angle turns.  They will test and amend a set of instructions.
Talk about school rules for Internet safety. Agree rules for using search engines.  Remind children they must never share personal information online. Discuss importance of telling a trusted adult about any concerns over E-safety.  Make E-safety posters.  Watch Hector videos.
Research facts about GFL, life in the past and Samuel Pepys.

Children will identify using atlases, world maps and globes which continents different animals come from outside Europe using geographical words.   Compare those animals that live in contrasting locations, hot and cold countries. Talk about their adaptations.   Look at jungles/rainforests around the world what is the weather like there?  Locate them on maps.

Badminton – Outside coach
Dance/large apparatus

Children will practice and perform songs for concert singing in tune and following a melody
Record singing using an I Pad, can they think about how to improve their performance?

Responding to Artworks/Textiles
Children will make an artwork based on their trip to Chatsworth Sculpture exhibition.

Discuss different places of worship and why are these places important to believers.

Agree class rules for the new year. What do children what achieve? Set own goals for year.


Geography – Local Area
Can children describe human features of their own locality?  What jobs do people do locally?
Can they discuss if people have spilt their local area?  How could we make it better?

Year 2 Challenging – Activities to challenge children!

Children will use information from books and online information to find things out such as ways in which they can stay healthy.  They will research interesting facts about the heart or teeth and report back to the rest of the class.

Can children explain why someone in the past acted in the way they did?
Can children give examples of things that are different in their life from that of a long time ago e.g. fire engines, houses etc when finding out about the Great Fire of London.
Can they sequence events about the life of a famous person – Samuel Pepys.
Can they talk about how to find out about the past?

Can children look at examples of weather charts for local area on the internet or from a local paper and make inferences about the weather? Can they make predictions about weather in other parts of the world?

Children use I Pad to capture still and moving images during school trip to Chatsworth Sculpture Exhibition.   Begin to use Stop Motion filming – children can train others to use it.

Can children recognise phrase in a song and the importance of where we breathe in a song?



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