Year 2

Class Teachers – Miss Clark & Miss Tiplady
Dear Parents/Carers
This information outlines the teaching and learning to be covered over the half-term. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued help and support.

Summer 2017 Second Half-Term

This term’s topic is called ‘Animals’

image003Some of the activities for this half-term.

Literacy (Taught through History & Science)
Read the book ‘The Zoo’ think about different questions you might like to ask a zoo keeper. Use a range of conjunctions.  Look at illustrations in the book.
Look at examples of recounts.  Write a recount based on transition trip with juniors/trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  Look at using different suffixes.  Edit their recount by proofreading for errors.
Write a leaflet guide for Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Research an animal of their choice; create a fact file using ICT sources of information.  What animal am I?
Use comparative language/suffixes to describe animals e.g. long, longer, longest, small, smaller, and smallest.
Look at food chains -life cycle of a crocodile/bee.
Newspaper report write a news report about endangered jungle animals.
Speaking & Listening – Leavers concert.

Statistics look at different types of tables, pictograms, and block graphs based on animal data.   Can children answer questions about the data and create their own tables and block graphs.
Sort animals by birds, fish reptile amphibian or mammal which group does each creature belong to.
Measures (Time & Money)
Assess and Review

Science - Variation & Classification  
Children will decide whether something is living, dead or non-living.
Children will find out what animals/humans need to survive (water, food, air).
They will find out how they grow, reproduce and describe the life cycle of living things.
Investigate different living things and their habitats.

Revisit the school rules for E-Safety.
Write a fact file about an animal using these skills/posters/invitations – insert/delete words using the mouse/arrow keys.  Highlight text to changes its format B.U, I).
Evaluate YWP website and know that not everything is true on the internet.

Children will identify using atlases, world maps and globes which continents different animals come from outside Europe using geographical words.   Compare those animals that live in contrasting locations, hot and cold countries. Talk about their adaptations.   Look at jungles/rainforests around the world what is the weather like there?  Locate them on maps.

Badminton, Rugby and PE skills.
Animal – Dance inspired by the Carnival of the Animals.
Dance performance for leaver’s assembly.

Perform different songs for leaver’s concert.   Revisit some of our favourite songs and some based on an animal theme.

Art/Art Week Activities
Create animal masks using recycled materials and paper plates.  For inspiration look at the work of David Shepard.  Look at the colour and detail he uses.
Look at animals and the patterns on their skin or fur.  Sketch different camouflage patterns.
Look at Henri Rousseau.

R.E.  –  KS1 – Special Journeys
Discuss special journeys children have made.  When, where, why with whom? What made it special?
Discuss what a pilgrimage?
Look special clothing hajj robes, map of Mecca, and watch extract of Hajj (bbc website).
Look at other examples of pilgrimages

PHSE  - Ready, Steady, Go!
Think about changes in their lives.  Recognise who can help them deal with change.  Discuss changes they have already experienced and discuss changes that will happen next year.

Year 2 Challenging – Activities to challenge children!

Children will describe how plants and animals are suited to their habitat.  They will describe what animals need to survive and link this to their habitats.
Explain how animals reproduce in different ways.

Locate some of the world’s major rives and mountain ranges.


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