Year 2

Class Teachers – Miss Clark & Miss Tiplady
Dear Parents/Carers
This information outlines the teaching and learning to be covered over the half-term. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued help and support.

Spring 2018 First Half-Term

This term’s topic is called ‘Once Upon a Time’

Some of the activities for this half-term.


  • Chinese New Year 12th February 2018
  • E Safety internet week 6th February 2018 Liaise with Internet ambassadors from junior school.
  • Bocca competition.
  • Reading morning with parents.


Traditional Tales e.g. Little Red Riding Hood/Red Riding Hood was Rotten!, Jack and the Beanstalk,  trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks! Three Little Pigs.  (Write alternative versions of traditional fairy tales.  Link to Design Talk for writing.  Compare different versions of the same story.
Focus on improving spelling of common exception words.
Write a non-fiction report about Chinese New Year. .

In explanations use words and phrases to describe the past.
Read Oliver’s Vegetables.  Recap story, re-order and write sentences.  Ask Oliver questions and improve dialogue.
Look at examples of list poems based on food.

Multiplication and division – Children will use multiplication to describe an array.  They will recognise that multiplication can be done in any order.
Estimate, measure and compare weights, choosing and using suitable standard units and suitable measuring instruments; use units of time (seconds. minutes, hours, days and weeks) and know the relationship between them; read time to the quarters; measure activities using seconds and minutes.
Estimate, measure and compare capacities, choosing and using suitable non-standard and standard units and suitable measuring instruments; answer a question by collecting and recording data, and representing it as block graphs and pictograms to show results.
Problem solving – Chinese New Year money problem.
Jack and the Beanstalk Counting in 2’s.

Science Forces and Motion  
Can they talk about what they see, touch, smell, hear or taste?
Can they use simple equipment to help them make observations?
Can they carry out a simple fair test?
Can they explain why it might not be fair to compare two things?
Can they say whether things happened as they expected?
Can they suggest how to find things out?
Can they use prompts to find things out?
Can they use text, diagrams, pictures, charts, tables to record their observations?
Can they measure using simple equipment?

Activities (inc cross curricular Links)

  • Go out into the playground with a number of different toys and investigate forces and how they move. Can we make them move faster/ slower etc Encourage children to ask questions and explain what they see. Link to ICT taking photographs and filming the outcomes.
  • Sort familiar objects into push and pull, encourage children to explain their reasons.
  • Blow bubbles outside. What do we think will happen to them? Why are they moving and not just falling straight to the floor. Children to realise that wind is a force.
  • Three Little Pigs investigation, what do we need to blow the house down investigate with different forces such as blowing, small hand held fan, large fan. What happened and why? Link to Literacy
  • Ramp investigation.  What happens when the angle of a ramp is changed or the surface of the ramp?

Can they name the 7 continents of the world and find them in an atlas?
Can they name the world’s 5 oceans and find them in an atlas?
Can they find out more about Africa by locating it on a globe?


  • Maps, globes, CD Rom, Atlases, Non-fiction books.
  • Use non-fiction books about African animals on the children’s tables.
  • Get the children to spend time working with a partner to identify some of the animals that live in Africa?
  • Sort pictures of different countries, capital cities and landmarks.
  • Find out facts about China. Links to Literacy

E- Safety week activities  6th February.
Liaise with Internet ambassadors from junior school.
Can they find information on a website?  Link to Geography.   Can they click links in a website?  Can they print a web page to use as resource? Link to Geography and Literacy


  • Use Top Marks Website to find out about some of the customs associated with celebrating Chinese New Year.
  • Practice printing off pages and use information to support writing a non-fiction report.


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