Year 2

Class Teachers – Miss Clark & Miss Tiplady
Dear Parents/Carers
This information outlines the teaching and learning to be covered over the half-term. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued help and support.

Autumn 2017 Second Half-Term

This term’s topic is called ‘Popular Culture/Children’s Choice’

Some of the activities for this half-term.

Literacy (Taught through History, R.E. & Science)
Talk for writing based around children’s choice of film e.g. Toy Story/Winnie the Witch/Mog’s Christmas Calamity.  Write alternative versions/character profiles.
Use Talk for Writing to create own versions of stories.
Bonfire Night – Visual literacy – Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?  Look at the story of Guy Fawke/ the Houses of Parliament. Order events of the story.  Find out about the King on the throne at the time.
Diwali  – Look at this celebration and the customs associated with it.
Remembrance Day – Investigate poetry ‘In Flanders Fields’ BBC website.  Why do we celebrate this day?
Dinosaurs – Children will make own booklet about dinosaurs including a glossary and contents page.

In explanations use words and phrases to describe the past.
Read Oliver’s Vegetables.  Recap story, re-order and write sentences.  Ask Oliver questions and improve dialogue.
Look at examples of list poems based on food.

Units of work on:
Measurement: Length, Mass and Time,
End of term assessment.

Science - Light & Sound  
Read Can’t you sleep Little Bear. Discuss the light and the dark, What else could Little Bear have used to see in the dark?
Light Sources Walk – Children to identify different light sources around school.
Light and Dark area in the classroom, provide different light sources for children to experiment with.
Light and Dark investigation, which material will make the best curtains to block out the light? Make predictions.
To know that the Sun is a source of light, to understand what happens when clouds cover the sun.
To know that there are many different types of sound.
How we hear. Sound investigation using ear muffs.

Art – Painting
Mix paint to create secondary colours, brown, tints and tones.  Then create own paintings using skills.  Think about Northern lights, Sunsets, Fire.

Revisit school rules for Internet safety. Agree rules for using search engines.  Discuss how websites may contain pop-ups that take them away form the main site.   Use search engine and use
Research facts about Guy Fawkes.   Click links in a website and print web pages to use as a resource.
Create Powerpoint presentation/I Pad video about Guy Fawkes.
Use search engine and use

image001Geography – Area I Live In
Weather – use the Internet to find local weather forecasts.
Dinosaurs – Where did they live? – In which continents did they live?  Record findings on a world map.

Rugby coaching/PE skills/Dance Dance of the dinosaurs – How did different dinosaurs move?  Practice these movements in an open space.  Children to work in pairs/small groups to create a dinosaur dance with a beginning, middle or end.  Movement could
be accompanied with musical instruments or vocal sound effects.

Children will practice and perform songs for Christmas concert singing in tune and following a melody.
Children will sing accurately at a given pitch.

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas time?

Identify ways in which the children keep themselves safe e.g. Road safety, Bonfire Night Safety, Staying safe in the home.

Year 2 Challenging – Activities to challenge children!

Children will investigate what is meant by the word democracy when we find out about Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament.

Children will use the internet to find out what the weather is like in different parts of the world. Can they make sensible predictions what will it be like and make comparisons to our weather?

Make a presentation about Guy Fawkes in a small group and record the narration about why we remember him today.

Can children recognise phrase in a song and the importance of where we breathe in a song?




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